Turning Your Ideas Into Riches

Of all the quotes I’ve come across, Les Brown’s “Richest man in the Graveyard” resonates strongly with my imagination and emotional pride. We are all creative creatures, with our unique talents. Somehow, we get lost in the day-to-day expectations of a society that exists to keep the wheels of commerce and industry turning, to set boundaries around our lives that keep us safe and fed, ensuring we stay focused with aspirations of progress and reward. Like mice following the bait. Our dreams and aspirations are put to the side and before we know it, our time has run out. We are on our death beds wondering what happened. What stopped us from living the dream?

We can all make plausible excuses. We didn’t get the chance. That’s not the way our lives worked. Too many people were relying on us. Every excuse adds to the weight of unfulfilled dreams on our shoulders. A common reason is that people just didn’t know where to start. If only they did, then things might have turned out different. How do you harness that creative idea and turn it into gold?

The first step is to get it out of your head. Write it down. Use the ten digits that you were born with at the end of your hands and translate that internal voice into your blueprint for a different life, possibly the life you imagined but never dared to dream. Let that spark flow.

When I set up my business, I realised my passion to assist the dream makers to turn their ideas into real life by helping them to focus on what they want to achieve and to turn their ideas into actions. We’ve helped clients take vague notions and turn them into the real deal, many going on to win awards for what they have achieved.

My personal dream is to create as many entrepreneurs as possible who can contribute to enlightened change in the world, one community at a time. So I designed an app to capture some of those creative ideas so that they can be turned into a plan for accessing grants. Whilst putting it together I realised it could be used beyond grants, as a powerful tool for brainstorming ideas and getting them down on paper into a tangible business case. Imagine being able to act upon at least one good idea before it disappears into the corridors of forgotten memory.