Things To Remember When Buying Feather Flags

One of the cheapest ways of advertising a brand and making it visible is the use of flags. They make very good tools to make a brand visible since they can be easily placed in target areas and they are also quite affordable compared to other modes of advertising. There are so many different flags designs you can choose from including teardrop flags, sail, swooper and feather flags. Feather flags are some of the most popular.

The feather flags are designed just like a feather with the flag part attaching to a frame. They are quite trendy and easily attract eyes, hence your message as a brand gets to be seen. But just like going for any other type of flag, there are important things you should consider when buying feather flags and they include the following.

The frame – Considering that feather flags attach to a frame to create the beautiful feather look, it is very important to consider what material the frame is made from. Fiberglass is one of the most durable and sturdy frames you can choose for your flags. Aluminum is also a very popular material and is more durable compared to fiberglass even though it is a little expensive. Choose a frame you are sure can withstand the different weather conditions, especially wind so that your message remains visible and relevant no matter what.

Flag hardware – The base is among the hardware you cannot assume when getting your feather flags. This is what will offer the flag the stability it needs to fly your message. There are different types of bases and you can make your selection by considering the ground on which you will be placing the flag. For instance, ground spikes make very good bases for soft grounds whereas water fillable bases may be a better choice for hard grounds. You may also consider tire bases which work very well with the feather flags. Apart from the bases, you can also get a flagpole for your flag. The poles come in different styles and you can therefore choose according the flag design.

Flag size – The intended use should of course determine the size of your feather flag. It is also important to choose a size that matches the areas or space you intend to use the flag on. Tall feather flags will usually attract people compared to shorter ones and your message will be above hence giving you an advantage. For flags intended for entrance usage, then smaller flags should suffice. If at all you will be using the flags indoor, then consider ceiling height and choose a size that is just ideal. Considering that these flags have their weight well distributed, you can play around with the size, but ensure that the frame you choose can handle the fabric sturdily.

When choosing feather flags, you will also need to make the decision whether to print one side or both sides and also choose the fabrics and colors carefully to achieve the desired results.

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