The Why, What, and How of Resimercial Design in the Modern Workplace

The “Resimercial” design blends residential and commercial elements to create a home-like environment for employees. Employers are increasingly bringing home decorative items from their homes, such as creative art and cozy furniture, to improve employee productivity and morale.

Learn why armchairs and sofas are becoming part of the 9-5 and how you can incorporate a few resimercial touches into your next project.

What is the trend behind resimercial designs?

It has been proven that employees are more productive when they incorporate home-like elements in modern workplaces.

Here’s why.

Employees who are happy and satisfied work better.

About a third of our lives are spent at work. It’s impossible to “get away” from work, and the corporate world is putting more pressure on employees, making it even more crucial to provide office environments that encourage productivity.

Resimercial design can be a way to increase worker morale and ensure that a job is done well. Flexible spaces are where creative professionals get their best ideas. It turns out that office design is just as important for employee retention as traditional benefits.

The addition of residential elements to create a more relaxed environment can reduce employee turnover, increase project focus and ultimately improve an employer’s bottom line.

Corporate offices can compete with work-from home opportunities by using Resimercial Design

Companies must compete with other offices for top talent, but they also need to be able to withstand the influx in work-from-home jobs.

Resimercial design can be a great way of creating an office that offers both the convenience of working remotely and the benefits of working with colleagues on-site.

It is becoming more common to have a comfortable and relaxed workplace.

Comfortable office spaces are becoming a norm. Employers who fail to embrace this trend will see their employees leave. More than half of millennials want a relaxing working environment, while the percentage for Gen Xers is higher.

How can you include residential elements into your office design?

You can use a variety of textures and silhouettes

The biggest difference between the traditional workplace and your average home is the fact that office routines can be monotonous. You can place a small side table next to a large sofa or a tall bookcase near a bean bag chair.

Natural elements create warmth and comfort.

Natural fibers and lighting can transform a corporate environment from uncomfortable to pleasant faster than any other. You don’t have to choose sleek, polished accessories. Instead, incorporate elements from the outside world with wool rugs and large curtains.

Imagine that you are designing a living space.

Most office spaces are better if designed for comfort and use. Employee collaboration can be increased by using the same principles that encourage family connections. This is why our favorite hangouts have multiple seating options and dimmable lighting.

When you think about the design elements that make a home feel more welcoming, Resimercial Design isn’t as complicated as it seems.

Choose the right rug to soften your home

A great way to add a homey feel to an office space is by using natural fiber rugs. Rugs made of natural fibers.

We have a wide range of on-demand custom logo rugs available that can be shipped today for your project. However, we can also custom-Knott wool or silk rugs to meet your needs.

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