If you are a business, it’s important to research transportation options anytime there is a group of people going to the same destination. Whether it’s in town or out of town, corporate charter services can be ideal for you. Not sure you want to load everyone onto a giant bus?Continue Reading

The government of Cambodia has addressed many problems that once threatened the country’s economy including the reimbursement of value added taxes for export products, bank licensing requirements, and tax holiday extension for the garment industry among several others. If you are planning to establish a business that will ensure youContinue Reading

Normally, it takes me about 30 plus hours to travel from my home in Grass Valley, California to Freetown, Sierra Leone. Because many airlines have canceled all flights to Sierra Leone, I had to fly to Washington, D.C., and layover for three hours. I then flew to Brussels, and hadContinue Reading

The world of freight is always changing. Fuel prices and truck availability are just a couple of factors that constantly manipulate freight rates. Carriers are prohibiting more and more items that present too much liability than it is worth for them to handle. How does all this changing affect motorcycleContinue Reading