Career and Corporate Life Management Mentorship is an integral part of the holistic human capital development, and yet most ignored by the working professionals. Over many years I have observed how so many professionals go through frustrations in corporate. Such could be avoided if they could engage corporate life mentors.Continue Reading

When you saw that title, you may have wondered, “What cue cards?” Who uses them? The answer? Most of us do! Think of grocery lists, “to do” lists, calendars, lists of medications you take, and notes from classes you take or good books you read. Cue cards for career situationsContinue Reading

The primary step on your path. One of the most crucial points, you as a model need to understand is how you can build a modeling portfolio. Establishing a modeling portfolio is the 1st step on your route to being a model, and it greatly assists with obtaining agency representationContinue Reading

A successful career in Salesforce is an interesting question in the present IT trends. The Key Stones behind the success to become a Salesforce Professional lies in the programming skills, analytical skills, ability to ask the right questions and interesting to learn, willingness to work hard and put in longContinue Reading

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Why Is Communication Necessary in a Business? Effective business communication is necessary within an organization because it helps to bridge the gap between senior management and their subordinates at various hierarchical levels. Hence, it is necessary for companies to have a systematic communication system within the company. Here are someContinue Reading

As a manager, I’m always on the look-out for the performance of my team and also the opportunity to add someone new that might take our companies and brands to a higher level. I happen to be one of those executives that are never satisfied and is always striving toContinue Reading