WHY AGILITY? Life for businesses isn’t comfortable any more! If you’re selling to other companies, you have to be ready to address their changing needs as they’re pressed from new regulations, competition, changes in their markets, and internal employee upheavals. Are you selling to consumers? Competition from small, entrepreneurial businessContinue Reading

I’m continually astounded by how short-sighted some leaders are. Let me tell you what I mean. Last week, I was booked by the CEO of an organization that wants me to keynote their annual conference in October. The topic of the keynote is Producing Under Pressure. After we agreed onContinue Reading

If you think back to your youth, you’ll find innovation everywhere. Whether it was engineering a ramp to jump your little brother’s big wheel, how to get somewhere without a car or the thousands of innovative ways we convinced our parents that breaking curfew was justified by unseen, surreal circumstances.Continue Reading

The other day our think tank was discussing the challenges of 3-D printing and how “Capitalism will begin to suffer damage when 3D printing starts to affect the retail distribution chain.” Consider if you will that in the future people will be 3D printing at home using carbon composite layeringContinue Reading

Pre-Launch Phase Little market research has been conducted on the product and the market, or both! In today’s industries, market research has never been more important. Because of the internet, consumers are extremely well-informed and will not hesitate to punish you for making hasty decisions. If you ever find yourselfContinue Reading

When we stop to think about it the materials for everything that has ever been invented has always been with us. So, TV, Radio, electricity and in fact everything else we have today could have been with us hundreds of years ago. The inventions of the future are there, justContinue Reading