In FAO the IT division has been expanding its capacity to deliver IT solutions through direct sourcing of non-staff resources in order to meet the more and more increasing demand. This continuous increase in direct recruited resources has become more difficult to manage as it increases administrative processes burden. ThisContinue Reading

Outsourcing is a business practice used by individuals or companies in which a third party is hired to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources (Handfield). Many companies outsource to save overhead and labor costs, improve efficiency/productivity, and, in some cases, avoid government regulations or mandates. Outsourcing didContinue Reading

With the increasing number of reputable software outsourcing companies, owners of small and medium businesses start thinking over the necessity of hiring independent developers overseas. To some extent, this solution really makes sense, but the majority of entrepreneurs are still puzzled with the choice. If you belong to this categoryContinue Reading

In the era where the technology arises in our daily living, and people spend more time on the internet. Nowadays, it is evidently usual for us to see that people are more engaged on social media platforms and different websites. The buying pattern of the consumers changes rapidly due toContinue Reading

Hearing the word outsourcing, businesses usually associate it with lower cost and higher efficiency, which is why outsourcing certain business processes has become so popular. But there’s more to outsourcing than just that when it comes to benefits. Here are some of them: Access to Skills and Expertise A businessContinue Reading