WHY AGILITY? Life for businesses isn’t comfortable any more! If you’re selling to other companies, you have to be ready to address their changing needs as they’re pressed from new regulations, competition, changes in their markets, and internal employee upheavals. Are you selling to consumers? Competition from small, entrepreneurial businessContinue Reading

Of all the quotes I’ve come across, Les Brown’s “Richest man in the Graveyard” resonates strongly with my imagination and emotional pride. We are all creative creatures, with our unique talents. Somehow, we get lost in the day-to-day expectations of a society that exists to keep the wheels of commerceContinue Reading

Career and Corporate Life Management Mentorship is an integral part of the holistic human capital development, and yet most ignored by the working professionals. Over many years I have observed how so many professionals go through frustrations in corporate. Such could be avoided if they could engage corporate life mentors.Continue Reading

“Last year we have undergone a large CRM transformation program involving multi-million dollars, how can we ensure that we are getting most value out of it” -a VP of Sales of a Biotech company asked this question to me few months back. As almost all of the top pharma andContinue Reading

Technology never stays consistent, it’s an ever changing world where something new emerges everyday. Security systems from around the world have changed constantly with this shift in technology. In the bygone era, a hard and sturdy lock was sufficient enough to ensure safety but soon advancement in technology required somethingContinue Reading

Sales is not the evil of the world. Although many would have you believe it is. It is, instead, one of the most important skills you can have in life. Because many of the things you have to do in your life involves selling something in one way or another.Continue Reading