Biometric Security Is The Choice Of The New Generation

Technology never stays consistent, it’s an ever changing world where something new emerges everyday. Security systems from around the world have changed constantly with this shift in technology. In the bygone era, a hard and sturdy lock was sufficient enough to ensure safety but soon advancement in technology required something more prominent to safeguard information. Bank accounts, mail accounts and other sensitive data that is usually safeguarded by personal password that the users generate is always at the risk of falling into the hands of hackers.

In the present times the number of accounts, apps and tools that people use have skyrocketed and with that has increased the amount of passwords required for each one of them. There is no denying that remembering so many passwords is a daunting task and requires constant updating, but most importantly it is easily hackable and the idea of sensitive data falling in wrong hands can lead to disastrous consequences.

The old generation somehow managed with the outdated techniques but the new tech savvy generation is different. They want faster and optimum solution for everything. These gadget geeks, who use several tools everyday, cannot manage to constantly change various passwords on a daily basis and continuously update them over e-mails. So, they go for a superior alternative which is the biometric technology. Generally speaking being able to access all accounts just by a swipe of a finger seems more feasible than punching keywords into every system.

Recently a European news agency did a survey amongst 16-24 years old in the UK on their preference of security system. A major chunk of them, prefer the faster and reliable method of Biometric authentication over traditional ones such as passwords. They find it more comfortable and time consuming. It doesn’t just end there, many went on to say that in the near future, say 2-3 years more, passwords would be a dead and ancient technology replaced all over by Biometric Systems. The new generation is also pretty liberal in sharing their passwords and PIN, which puts them at a greater risk of becoming victims of online hacking. They themselves feel that system of security that require facial, fingerprint or iris authentication would be more secure than non-biometric identification methods. Many companies such as PayPal that operate online are actively developing biometric technologies for this reason. They are amongst the many that foresee the revolution in security system technology that Biometric system is and are keeping up with changing times.

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